Bitter Sweet Symphony (2)
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date December 30 2012
Written by User:Degrassian4E and Showstopper101
Directed by Degrassian4E and Showstopper101
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Bitter Sweet Symphony (1)
Bleeding Love (1)
This is the second episode of the first block Degrassi: New Start of Season 1.

Main PlotEdit

A protective Katie accompanies Maya and Cam on their first date.

Sub PlotEdit

When Tristan and Hayley become friends Trent decides to put a stop to it.

Third PlotEdit

Dakota's secret that he is gay is found out by Trent and other members of the Hockey team.


  • Cam and Maya go on their first date.
  • This episode marks the start Cam and Maya first relationship
  • This episode marks the end of Dakota and Trent Friendship

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