Dakota-Trent Friendship
General Information
Intimacy Level Acquaintances, Former Enemies, Former Friends
Friendship Started Bitter Sweet Symphony (1) (101) (1st Time)
Never Ever (2) (2nd Time)
Friendship Status Acquaintances
The conflict between Dakota Harris and Trent Michaels started when Dakota was running against Trent's girlfriend for student body president. Alought they had an intense conflict, Dakota forgave Trent after he apologized.

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Season 1Edit


  • Trent also had a conflict with Dakota's two best friends, Austin Matthews and Maya Matlin.
  • Dakota attempted suicide because of Trent and some of the other Ice Hounds bullying him badly. Though since then Trent is getting over his homophobia.
  • They're on good terms since Never Ever (2) with Dakota giving Trent a second chance.