Damon Carter
Full Name Damon Carter
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1998
Hair Color Brown
School(s) Degrassi Community School
First Episode Bleeding Love (1) (103)
Portrayed By Liam Green
Damon Carter is a sophomore (Grade 10) at Degrassi Community School. Damon is smart and humorous, but also outspoken. He is best friends with Zig Novak and also friends with Austin Matthews. Like Zig, Damon comes from a poor family. He is portrayed by Liam Green.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit


  • He and Zig have been best friends since they were very young.
  • He is poor like Zig.
  • He doesn't like Tori because he thinks she is a rich only cares about herself type of girl.


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