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Full Name Talia
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1995
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
School(s) Degrassi Community School
First Episode Gimme More (1) (105)
Portrayed By Ana Corina Bizim
Talia is a student at Degrassi Community School. She is new friends with Hayley Michaels. She is portrayed by Ana Corina Bizim.


Season 1Edit

Gimme More (1)Edit

Talia is seen when Hayley has a little breakdown when she cannot accomplish her 10 Page Essay that she was assigned to do by Mr.Perino, Talia gives tells Hayley she needs a chill pill, giving her an invitation to a party.


  • She has appeared in 2 episodes
  • She gives drugs to people she thinks needs to chill out
  • Talia recently befriended Hayley.


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