Trent-Aria Relationship
General Information
Nickname Tria
Intimacy Level Friends, Roommates, Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Started Dating I Want It That Way (1) (125)
Dating Status Broken Up

The relationship between Trent Michaels and Aria Monroe is known as Tria (Trent/Aria).

Relationship HistoryEdit


The two first officially met after Trent accidentally smashed a computer and Aria covered for him by jumping to the ground and getting a nose bleed. Aria was infatuated with him and tired to help him get over Stefanie by making a play portraying Stefanie as the bad one. Trent started to like Aria too and they began dating.

The couple would go on to faced dangerous trial, and broke up due to that. However they remained friends. They were reunited when they were both excused from gym class one day, and teamed up on a health assignment Mr. Armstrong gave them to complete for the following class and became roommates after Trent drop out and moved out his parents house.

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  • They both were in love triangles with Stefanie.
  • They are both were in drama class.