WhisperHug S2
Background Information
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 2012-present
Last members Austin Matthews (Lead Vocalist, Guitarist)
Zig Novak (Lead Vocalist, Guitarist, Bassist)
Maya Matlin (Cello, Vocalist)
Zac Andrews (Bass Player)
Beck Samuels (Keyboard)
Bambi Carmen (Drums, Back up Vocals)
Former members Mo Mashkour (Founder, Keyboard)
Adam Torres (deceased) (Bass player)
Imogen Moreno (Percussion, Trombone, Drums, Back up Vocals)
WhisperHug is a band originally formed by Mo Mashkour, Maya Matlin, Austin Matthews, Zig Novak, Imogen Moreno, and Adam Torres. Later after Mo graduated and Adam Torres tragically passed away during the summer of 2013. The band now consists of Austin Matthews, Zig Novak, Maya Matlin, Imogen Moreno and 3 new members Zac Andrews, Beck Samuels and Bambi Carmen.


At the start of his senior year, Mo decided that he should form a band. He had posters hung up at Degrassi saying he's looking for players and vocalists. In the 2013-2014 school year since Mo graduated and Adam tragically passed away during the summer the remaining members held tryouts for new members which Zac, Beck and Bambi were selected as new members.


Former MembersEdit

  • Mo Mashkour (Graduated and left to University)
  • Adam Torres (Tragically died after texting and driving during the summer of 2013)
  • Imogen Moreno (Graduated and went to design school)


  • "Someone"
  • "Actions Vs. Words"
  • "Up In Our Cloud"
  • "Superman's Song" (Cover)